2022 Classic Tournament

2022 Classic Tournament

Dates: June 10 - 11

Categories: Girls & Boys - U11, U13, U15, High School, Open (Girls only)

2022 Classic Tournament Schedule & Scores can be found here

ACC/CMBA Spring Championship Tournament Schedule & Scores can be found here

Tournament Rules:

  • You must have insurance through AYBC, Basketball Alberta or your own provincial association. Our tournament is sanctioned by Basketball Alberta so we encourage you to have your team purchase memberships through them, which includes insurance.
  • Players may only play on one team in the tournament. Players may not move around on teams even if it is the same program, unless there are special circumstances, which have been approved.
  • If there is an emergency situation where you run out of players please let the site supervisor know and we will see what options we can come up with.
  • If a player, coach or parent is ejected from a game they will be suspended for the next game and not allowed into the facility.
  • U13 and U15 teams are strongly encouraged to play player to player defense in order to maximize the development of the athlete.

Tournament Information:

1) Please be on time for all games as we have a very tight schedule and must start and finish on time.

2) Please bring your own warmup basketballs.

3) Eight minutes will be given for warmup and 3 minutes for half time, unless the tournament is
ahead of schedule.

4) Overtimes will be decided with the first team to 4 declared the winner.

5) ASAA high school rules will be in effect except that there will only be two timeouts per half.
Timeouts cannot be carried over into the second half or overtime. In overtime each team will receive
one 30 second timeout.

6) All games will consist of four 9 minute stopped time quarters. One minute between quarters.

7) Ask your team not to bounce basketballs in the hallways or in the gym when teams are still playing.

8) The first team listed is the home team and will have choice of bench. The home team will wear light
jerseys unless other arrangements are made with the opposing coach.

9) Please provide one parent or other volunteer to help score keep or time each of your games. Please
have them ready to go as soon as the previous game is over.

10) All teams will play 3 games. A few teams have 4 games. There are no playoff games.

11) As a sportsmanlike gesture, take the press off if you are up 20 points. We want the experience to
be positive for both teams.

12) A concession will not be available at most of the venues. Some of the bigger venues will have

13) Admission will not be charged at any games.

14) Please clean up your bench area after your game and ask your players to respect the facilities as
we want to be able to use these gyms again next year.

15) Officials are all assigned by the CBOA and CMBA.

16) Ice may be available at some of the sites, however, you should have ice packs in case.

17) If you have any issues with a venue or any aspect of the tournament talk to the site supervisor first
and then call Brian Utley (403-803-4403) or Howie Leong (403-671-5589).